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Anti Aging Ingredient – Neroli Essential Oil in Bliss Night Cream

bliss neroli anti agingNeroli essential oil comes from the flowers of Bitter Orange blossoms and has wonderful healing and anti aging characteristics. It features a rich brown color and  a bitter sweet smell. Ancient princesses utilized this oil to prepare themselves for the bliss of special occasions like their weddings.

This essential oil is not only beneficial for all skin types, but aids in the remedy broken capillaries and at same time stimulates cell regeneration and growth. This in turn leads to a clearer, and more rejuvenated skin. Purestuf’s Bliss Night Cream includes Organic Neroli Essential Oil to aid in the deep night time healing of your skin.
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Purestuf All Natural Skincare June 2010 Newsletter


June  2010

When you change the way you look at some thing, what you look at changes

Hi again

This year is going so fast and we half way through already

I am enjoying every moment and I trust you are doing well and enjoying even more of who you are.


The Way of Health has developed a ancient technique of acupuncture, acupressure and Gua Sha along with Purestuf Natural Skincare products

This wonderful treatment is NOTOX

It brings your natural collagen and elastin to the surface with single hair thin needles.

The result is your wrinkles are filled with your own collagen to read more click this link

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