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Anti Aging Ingredient – Neroli Essential Oil in Bliss Night Cream

bliss neroli anti agingNeroli essential oil comes from the flowers of Bitter Orange blossoms and has wonderful healing and anti aging characteristics. It features a rich brown color and  a bitter sweet smell. Ancient princesses utilized this oil to prepare themselves for the bliss of special occasions like their weddings.

This essential oil is not only beneficial for all skin types, but aids in the remedy broken capillaries and at same time stimulates cell regeneration and growth. This in turn leads to a clearer, and more rejuvenated skin. Purestuf’s Bliss Night Cream includes Organic Neroli Essential Oil to aid in the deep night time healing of your skin.
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Finding My Truth by Chrissy Birdsall – Purestuf Skin care

by Chrissy Birdsall

I have spent a lot of my time searching for the intrepid TRUTH.truth in meditation

I started about 22.

I asked anyone who would listen, even if it was not a burning interest to them.

I read philosophy; studied spiritual masters; the more ascended the better.

I followed Gurus, wise men and wise women.

I even read Ouspensky and Gurdjieff:  People told me I should not attempt to read these until I was 50.

I never really got THE TRUTH convincingly here; enjoyed what they all said; took it all on, as if it could be real for me for a while, maybe it was truth for them?truth in exercise

I did past life regressions; in case I knew the truth in the past life and had forgotten it in this life.

I did yoga; maybe it was a body, mind, spirit thing, and meditated.

I was hoping THE TRUTH would seep in.
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About Purestuf Natural Skincare & Chrissy Birdsall

The following is an extract from an interview with Chrissy Birdsall, Purestuf Natural Skincare.

Chrissy Birdsall, founder of Purestuf, tells us more about the inspiration behind her natural skin care products and shares some tips on being beautifully green!

purestuf     How did Purestuf come into being

        – What inspired you?



It all started because my husband had damaged dry lips from sailing as young boy. I played around with making natural lip balms to help. After a while, I studied up on organic creams and their ingredients and came up with Kissable  Lip Balm. It was so healing for him that I was encouraged to make a full natural skin care range, which I tested on loved ones. Their comments helped name a few of the products, like Bliss and Goddess.

What has been your proudest moment so far during the growth of Purestuf?

There are so many from every step of the way but here’s one I’m particularly proud of – five independent women with different skin types tested Goddess Day Cream and they all rated the cream as 5 out of 5.

If you could wave a magic eco-wand and fix just one environmental problem, what would it be?

My dream come true would be for skin care companies to stop using damaging chemicals in their skin care products.
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Natural Skincare Products and Best Organic Anti-aging Skin Care

Goddess Day Cream - natural skincare

Goddess Day Cream

There are always new beauty products in the  Purestuf Natural Skincare Range for Women. To have increasingly radiant and smoother skin try All Natural Skincare and Best Natural Organic Skin Care Products make you feel vibrant!?!
Feeling good about yourself is an important to lift your self esteem. One of the ways we measure feeling good is often the way our skin looks when we look in a mirror.
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Add Frankincense to Skin Care Anti Aging Products for More than 3 Wise Men

A lot of individuals associate frankincense along with the three wise men. Esteemed as purely as genuine gold, a long time ago, frankincense was a valuable substance. This important oil is derived from a little tree known as Boswellia Carterii, grown in North Africa along with a number of areas through the Middle East.

Frankincense is utilized in contemporary cosmetics to refresh skin and has exceptional cytophylactic qualities (encourages the growth of skin color cells) even though staying a very good all-over and skin tonic. It’s also efficient wounds healing, even though lowering ugly scaring and minimizing skin inflammation.
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