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Finding My Truth by Chrissy Birdsall – Purestuf Skin care

by Chrissy Birdsall

I have spent a lot of my time searching for the intrepid TRUTH.truth in meditation

I started about 22.

I asked anyone who would listen, even if it was not a burning interest to them.

I read philosophy; studied spiritual masters; the more ascended the better.

I followed Gurus, wise men and wise women.

I even read Ouspensky and Gurdjieff:  People told me I should not attempt to read these until I was 50.

I never really got THE TRUTH convincingly here; enjoyed what they all said; took it all on, as if it could be real for me for a while, maybe it was truth for them?truth in exercise

I did past life regressions; in case I knew the truth in the past life and had forgotten it in this life.

I did yoga; maybe it was a body, mind, spirit thing, and meditated.

I was hoping THE TRUTH would seep in.
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Your Authentic Beauty

authentic beauty

Do you see your unique and authentic beauty?

Do you acknowledge your personal style, look, energy and glow?

The beauty that makes us the special person we are. Others can see it, we often struggle to see it.Most of us do not see our vibrant essence or our authentic beauty.

Mostly we compare our look to another, forgetting apples are different from oranges; both delicious in there own way.

Do we ever quite measure up to our own expectations of what we consider authentic beauty really is?
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