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by Chrissy Birdsall

When I first started research into the best natural organic skincare products in 2000, not much information was available for research. It took a lot of time to find the information on all natural and organic skincare products.

The web is now full of natural and organic skincare info, and many books and articles are being published to inform people about the importance of organic skincare products to our wellbeing.

A quick way to see if your skincare products are working is to look at your skin in the mirror. If your skin looks dull or  lifeless, then its lack lustre look could indicate that the skin care products you are using are not working.

When you look at the glossy images used in advertising showing skincare products on airbrushed models, it is understandable to be confused about which is the best beauty products for you.

One place to start your search for a skincare product is by reading the ingredients section of a products label.  You may need to decipher the  long scientific words listed on the label. This often means that  petrochemicals are included in the product. While these ingredients may be harmless in small doses, a little in this, and a little in that, they do mount up in the body over time. Being aware of what these ingredient words mean, is  important for your long term health and wellbeing. Ingredients which  I use in Purestuf Products are all natural and organic. 

Another way to check out which products are best for you is to carry out sampling and testing of organic skin care products like Purestuf All Natural Skincare .


Remember that just because a product is advertised as  natural, it still might have an ingredient in the cream that is not right for your particular skin type.  So start by testing all natural skincare products.

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One way for you to know if a skin product is right for you, is to smell and feel it. Trust your nose and the feel of the product on your skin.

All Natural Skincare products will usually show an improvement to your skin.

Remember, your skin will know the difference

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